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When the rules may not apply

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Have you read articles and attended webinars and watched videos about branding for your business? So have I!

Does it all sound perfectly reasonable at the time but when you try to follow the rules for your own business it seems OK at first but you just can’t keep it up? Yes, me too!

Do you know why? It’s because we run creative businesses. We are creative people with artistic minds and we simply can’t conform.

Yes, we KNOW that we should pick a certain font for our business and stick to it! We may even manage it for a while but eventually we just feel like a change and skitter off to prettier fonts and eventually we are back to being random again. Is this a bad thing? Perhaps in the corporate world but by the very nature of our work we are supposed to be unexpected and can it not be part of our charm?

Members of the Guild and followers of our social media will know that I am constantly messing about with the website and the styles of our graphics. I am prone to unexpected bursts of using gorgeous nature photographs in our campaigns simply because I love them and they make me happy. Is it the done thing? Does it tie in with the Guild? No, not at all, but do you think less of us for it?

I can’t answer that one that is one for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

So are you bold with your creative business? Do you straight jacket yourself into mainstream marketing or do you go wild and let your imagination rule? And does it work for you? Do tell us. 🙂

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