Blogging inspiration?

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Post inspiration is always the main issue in blogging.

It is hard to keep the ideas popping consistently and you often have dry spells. During those wonderful times when the themes are just flying around your head spend a few minutes jotting them down. Keep a running list to refer to, even if you decide at a later date not to use them.

During our Blogging workshop for our Sapphire members I set a little challenge.

I asked our members to create a post and gave the option of three titles to choose from:

’10 Reasons why _______’
’10 Things that make me happy’
’10 Things that I do best’

We had some wonderful results.


10 Reasons Why …..

10 Reasons why I love wool crafts by Louise from ThistleDubHewe

10 Reasons why I knit by Christine from Wrapped in Colour

10 Reasons why I love pyrography by Rosemary from Blackberry Wedding Designs

10 Reasons why I love needle felting by Kirsty from Beadie Eyed Edie


10 Things that make me happy

10 Things that make me happy by Susan at LISU Wedding & Handmade Jewellery


10 Things that I do best

10 Things that I do best by Rachel from Purrfectly Handmade

We will be adding more member posts to this collection as they are published so do keep checking back and Sapphire Members please send me the links to your posts as you do them.