What does it mean to buy from a Professional Crafter?

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This post on our Facebook page reached almost our entire fanbase! Nearly 2000 people saw this. A previous incarnation of it a few years ago reached over 12000!

Why is this post more effective than any others in the last month?

Well, it not only clearly expresses WHY the Guild exists but also how every single professional crafter feels about their products and their customers.

As creators and artists we put a bit of ourselves into each one of our products. Our experience, our time, often our frustrations! But in purchasing from a small craft business you truly are getting something very special.

Yes, if you purchase from Amazon or another large retailer you may get it for a cheaper price (although not always) and perhaps how or where the item was made doesn’t matter to you. But on the other hand, perhaps it does.

Wouldn’t it be nice to think that you are helping a small business owner to keep his or her busines running? You are helping to feed their children, pay their bills, achieve their dream. A large number of crafters have health issues and their business is helping them both physically and mentally.

There are a million reasons why you should buy from a professional crafter. And one of the best that I can think of is that your newly created item was created ‘just for you’!

Isn’t that worth a bit of extra time and money? I think so.

Please share this blog post if you agree and spread the word about our fabulous members and their skills.