The PCG 2017 Christmas Gift Guide – Part 5

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It’s that time of the year again. The time when we create our lists of presents to give to friends and family for Christmas. You would think that now we have the whole world at our fingertips to buy from that choosing what to get would be easier. Unfortunately, I often find that whilst fun and helping me to feel festive, I can become overwhelmed with the choice.

Let us help you by offering a choice of professionally handcrafted items from our members. In each part of this seasonal guide I will be popping over to visit each of our members and will provide for you one of their beautiful creations. You will also be able to visit them yourself and see what other wonderful things they have to offer. Don’t forget that each of these pieces is created by hand so almost all of the businesses accept bespoke orders and many can be personalised.

Buying from a small business owner will not only provide you with a thoughtfully created gift to give but also help the owner. You will be allowing them to continue to do the things they love and provide for their families. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Buy handmade this Christmas and make the difference to everyone.


cotswold characters

Highly detailed pet Dog model ~ comes on a base with the pets name on and can include props such as pets favourite toy/blanket/food bowl etc (approx 5-6 inches tall)


Created by Guild Member Cotswold Characters

String Wrapped Bottles
String Wrapped Bottles

Cupcake Bath Bombs
Cupcake Bath Bombs

Add some sweet fizz to your tub with these handmade cupcake bath bombs and with sugar scrub frosting.

Each bath bomb is scented with a gorgeous honey vanilla fragrance and contains a blend of cocoa butter, shea butter and sweet almond oil to add richness to your bath, as well as the lovely fizz you expect from a bath bomb.


Created by Guild Member Daisy Chain Gifts

Sunflower Planner Clip
Sunflower Planner Clip

Sunflower Planner Clip for decorating your planner. Lucy can make you virtually any type of clip. You only have to dream!


Created by Guild Member Daisy Meadow Designs

Zip it! Rose Gold Necklace
Zip it! Rose Gold Necklace


Created by Guild Member Designs by Dyannach