Sapphire Guild Member Features – August 2019 Part 1

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Welcome to another week at the PCG!


Handmade wooden gifts and decòr, and soy wax candles.
All products are custom ordered. Each individual item is hand crafted and tailored to your specific design. No two items will ever be reproduced exactly the same due to their individual uniqueness.

VISIT Taylor~Mayde

Apollo and Artemis Crafts

Unique gifts hand made toiletries and hand knitted gifts.

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Founded in 2009, Annbcrafts is based in Southampton, UK. My passion is creating jewellery in many different styles for all tastes, ages and budgets.
Individual items, mostly made to order. I use a combination of Gemstones, crystal and glass.

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Wiccan Wonders Jewellery

At Wiccan wonders I make handcrafted holistic jewellery using sterling silver and natural crystals in either tumbled form or as beads. I first started to make jewellery to keep me occupied whilst signed off from work and it has taken off from there.

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Thread is my paint, fabric is my canvas, I delight in layering and blending threads to build a unique picture.

VISIT MaggieJackStudio

Hunnypot Cottage

Artisan Breads and crafts #buylocal

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Alessandra Handmade Creations

Quilts, Cushions, Fabric Gifts and Personalised Embroidery.
All items are handmade with love ❤️❤️
Available on-line and at The Sewing Rooms Putney, London

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