The Woodbine Witch

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Meet New Member – The Woodbine Witch

New Guild Member Dominika Zuchewicz is the owner of The Woodbine Witch

Out of passion for living close to nature, Woodbine Witch was born.

Woodbine Witch is a project rooted in grandma’s herbal knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, often forgotten, sometimes burdened with a mocking smile of doubters. But how effective!

We know, from old herbariums that chamomile is wonderfully antiseptic and calming, comfrey stimulates tissue regeneration and contains painkillers, and young pine shoots in sugar syrup have a natural antitussive and soothing effect on the upper respiratory tract. I am constantly expanding and supplementing this knowledge, during workshops, training sessions, in my own practice, and from wonderful, often very old – books.

In my daily life, I use and produce my own natural and chemical-free soaps, scrubs, creams, ointments, and other natural remedies for everyday ills, as well as household cleaning products and washing powder. Some of these wonders can be found in the store, where, apart from the regular hits, you will also find one in a kind limited treats. I make all my products by hand from herbs growing in the surrounding meadows and forests, in manufacture located in the Scottish countryside.

Each of my products is unique – no two soaps are the same, even from the same recipe. They may differ in appearance and shape, although they will retain their wonderful, natural properties. So don’t be surprised if the Peeling is greener, or the soap is a little more crooked. That’s the beauty of handcrafting!

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