PCG Membership Benefit at In Collaboration

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Are you interested in becoming a Creative Collaborator?

In Collaboration is the creative collaboration agency supporting creative SMEs to gain opportunities, growth and support through mutual benefits.

They provide support for creative small businesses to find the processes and systems that work WITH their creativity, not against it. 

Collaborating starts with mutual support and can go as far and large as you can imagine! 

There are so many ways to collaborate, joining the community is a great way to start collaborating by finding like minded people, building trust and sharing mutual support. 

​If you’re ready to take collaborating to the next stage projects and collaborating working together our memberships are a great way to find people to collaborate with and begin the journey with us there to help you every step of the way! 

Becoming a Creative Collaborator will usually cost £18.99 per month but as a member of the Professional Crafters Guild you can gain a permanent half price discount to £9.50 per month. You can find out more information and take advantage of your PCG discount HERE

Are you a Creative Collaborator at In Collaboration and not a member of the PCG yet? Due to our collaboration you can also receive a discount with us HERE

Next weeks featured Guild Members will be…

Our Good Morning, Member of the Day posts will be:

Sat 27th Mar – Daisy Chain Gifts
Sun 28th Mar – Elibar Handknits and Babywear
Mon 29th Mar – Emmarose Crafts
Tues 30th Mar – Erika Price Artisan Jewellery
Wed 31st Mar – Urban Tails Handmade Pet Accessories
Thurs 1st April – Gert Lush Designs
Fri 2nd April –  Glitterwitch

Our Daily Member Feature posts will be:-

(Please note that these are posted both on our Facebook Page/Instagram and in the PCG members club at different times of the day)

Sat 27th Mar – Messy Essie’s
Sun 28th Mar – Adventure Accessories
Mon 29th Mar – The Wool Painter
Tues 30th Mar – Ness-Sea Glass Jewellery
Wed 31st Mar – Tinzi’s
Thurs 1st April – Millie Moo Knitwear
Fri 2nd April –  Little Magpye

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