The Innocent Big Knit 2021

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Are you ready for this years Big Knit with Innocent Smoothies?

The fabulous people over at Innocent Smoothies have launched this years Big Knit!(If you don’t follow them on Social Media you really should as they make me smile every day)

What is the Big Knit I hear you ask? Well, I couldn’t possibly explain it as well as Innocent themselves so here is how they describe it.

little hats, big difference

these little hats change lives

These woolly masterpieces are knitted and crocheted by thousands of legendary volunteers. They sent us a whopping 1.5 million little hats for last year’s Big Knit, bringing our total raised for Age UK over the years to just under £3 million. Jaw dropping stuff?

Hats will be back on bottles at the start of 2022, but you don’t need to wait to get started, as we’re taking deliveries of your woolly wonders as we speak.

Every hat is important, whether it’s as neat as a pin or as homemade as a pasta portrait. Knit one, knit loads – you’ll be making a huge difference either way.

If you’ve ever made a hat, or bought a hat, thanks very much. You’re a total purl.

You can find out more information about where to send your hat (previously owned or just knitted) and other info at the main website HERE

Next Weeks Promotions

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Fri 30th Apr –  The Wool Painter

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Sat 24th Apr – Tweedie Beasties
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Tues 27th Apr – Helenka White Design
Wed 28th Apr – Purrfectly Handmade
Thurs 29th Apr – Bernadine’s Creations
Fri 30th Apr –  A.R.P Jewellery

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