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Our Social Media works for our Members

The PCG has accounts across various Social Media platforms – Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc. These accounts not only promote the Guild itself but our main use is to promote our Members.

One of the most powerful things about having a community around you as you do in the PCG is that you have the benefit of lots of different voices all with different ideas. A large number of the activities, changes and directions that the Guild goes is developed in forums with our members. Occasionally with a private message through Facebook, Instagram or Email where someone just asks… Is this possible? Do you think it would be a good idea to…

You would be surprised how many of these quick messages sent on the off chance see the idea implemented in a speedy fashion. I LOVE ideas from our members. I work for you all and find it so much easier to do the things that you would like me to do rather than trying to guess what it is that you would find helpful.

So please, please, please don’t be shy. Get in touch with your ideas, even if they aren’t fully formed. We can work on them together.

Help me to help you and your business.

Next Weeks Promotions

Every week we feature a selection of our Guild Members across our social media platforms and in our various groups. Find them on Facebook here and on Instagram here

Our Good Morning, Member of the Day posts will be:

Sat 8 May – Alfie Moon Designs
Sun 9 May – Alessandra Handmade Creations
Mon 10 May – Purrfectly Handmade
Tues 11 May – Annbcrafts
Wed 12 May – Anne Pearson Designs
Thurs 13 May – Apollo & Artemis Crafts
Fri 14 May –  Arabella’s Attic

Our Daily Member Feature posts will be:-

(Please note that these are posted both on our Facebook Page/Instagram and in the PCG members club at different times of the day)

Sat 8 May – Elibar Handknits & Babywear
Sun 9 May – MaggieJacksStudio
Mon 10 May – Hunnypot Cottage
Tues 11 May– Chic Valentina
Wed 12 May – Catching Dreams Crafts
Thurs 13 May – Sea Witch’s Cavern
Fri 14 May –  Glitterwitch

Are you interested in becoming a member of our Guild. We have no monthly membership fees just one low annual amount of £35. Find out more here “This is my business,not a hobby!” Do you have to say this to people often? Join our Guild and help us to show people you are serious about being a Professional Crafter! (