A Partners in Craft Reboot

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Would you be interested in taking part in a reboot of our popular Partners in Craft?

During our Birthday month I have been having lots of fun looking back on a small selection of activities and schemes that we have run as a Guild over the last 10 years. 

It has been quite an eye opener! As well as looking back fondly at them it has made me wonder if the odd one or two could be of benefit today?

The first one I would like to ponder was our Partners in Craft Scheme that we created in 2013. This involved me matching interested members with up to two others. Each couple or team would then get together online in any way that they wanted. Some created their own Facebook Groups, now whatsapp or messaging groups would be great. Once connected each group came up with a variety of ideas to promote each other. This was made easier by me making sure that each member had a different craft so there was no crossover. 

Although some of our members are doing very well for sales, I am aware that many are struggling. We have been through such a difficult 18 months and it will still be a long time before things are more normal again. 

Would you be interested in taking part in a new, updated Partners in Craft scheme?

Next Weeks Promotions

Every week we feature a selection of our Guild Members across our social media platforms and in our various groups. Find them on Facebook here and on Instagram here

Our Good Morning, Member of the Day posts will be:

Sat 17 July – Cory T Creations
Sun 18 July – Cute Creations by Ceri
Mon 19 July – Daisy Chain Gifts
Tues 20 July – Elibar Handknits
Wed 21 July – Emmarose Crafts
Thurs 22 July – Erika Price Artisan Jewellery
Fri 23 July –  Urban Tails Handmade Pet Accessories

Our Daily Member Feature posts will be:-

(Please note that these are posted both on our Facebook Page/Instagram and in the PCG members club at different times of the day)

Sat 17 July – Little Magpye
Sun 18 July – Alessandra Handmade Creations
Mon 19 July – The Doric Soapery
Tues 20 July – The Craft Studio in Pewsey
Wed 21 July – Pitter Patter Tiny Feet Knitting Emporium
Thurs 22 July – Villa Creations
Fri 23 July –  Woodbine Witch

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