The Gift Gallery Launch

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The Gift Gallery Launches next week!

The Gift Gallery launches next week on the 13th September! How fab is that!

I hope that you will all take part and shout about your fabulous products in there. It is an established group with over 1,500 members but we will need to get the Facebook Reach back up so if you could share it and comment on the posts in the group that would be awesome and provide the largest audience possible for your wares. 
You can find the group here The Gift Gallery | Facebook

For those that are chomping at the bit to get posting in there I have nabbed the group rules so that you are fully prepared.

If you would like to sell with The Gift Gallery please submit a post following these rules:
🎁 Promote your independently owned and/or handmade businesses. Sorry but no MLM and franchises please.

🎁 You can post up to 1 time per 24 hours.

🎁 Include no more than one paragraph of description please, we admin have to read each post to check it fits the community guidelines.
Include a picture of your item! Please only post with one photo per post (this can be a collage if you like!)
🎁 You can post ready made items, personalised products, commissions and services such as classes, workshops and tutorials which fit the independent and handmade theme.

🎁 It is the sellers responsibility to make sure they have all the correct insurances, licences and correct labelling in place. Please only post items when this is done. The admin of this group take no responsibility for your legal requirements.

🎁 Use of copyrighted items are not allowed in this group. No items or images breaking copyright law will be approved into this group and continuous posting of copyrighted items may result in a group ban.

🎁 Fridays are Fabulous!
Every Friday we will only be approving special offers. Please include in your post what special offer you have available. This can be a discount, free gift, limited edition or any other special offer.
All other posts not including a special offer will be declined or approved at the next admin available time.

🎁 Posts may take up to 24 hours to be approved.
If a post has not been approved you should receive a notification from Facebook. If you are unsure why your post has been declined after reading the rules, please reach out to an admin. We will endeavour to answer your query but can not provide feedback to every post.

🎁 The more, the merrier.
Communities are better shared! If you know friends and family who would enjoy finding unique handmade items and special offers please do enjoy them. The more people who join us the more great finds we’ll all have!

I am hoping that this group is going to be a big advantage for your Christmas Sales and who knows, it may also be a great source for doing your Christmas Shopping.

Next Weeks Promotions

Every week we feature a selection of our Guild Members across our social media platforms and in our various groups. Find them on Facebook here and on Instagram here

Our Good Morning, Member of the Day posts will be:

Sat 11 September – Catching Dreams Crafts
Sun 12 September – Charms by Joanna
Mon 13 September – Chic Valentina
Tues 14 September – Cory T Creations
Wed 15 September – Cute Creations by Ceri
Thurs 16 September – Pitter Patter Tiny Feet Knitting Emporium
Fri 17 September –  Elibar Handknits

Our Daily Member Feature posts will be:-

(Please note that these are posted both on our Facebook Page/Instagram and in the PCG members club at different times of the day)

Sat 11 September – Tinzi’s
Sun 12 September – MillieMoo Knitwear
Mon 13 September – Little Magpye
Tues 14 September – The Doric Soapery
Wed 15 September – The Craft Studio in Pewsey
Thurs 16 September – Daisy Chain Gifts
Fri 17 September – Villa Crations

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