Big News Day

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Lots of new and exciting things are happening at the PCG

Change from Members Club to Community Group
As you know, we have two main groups on Facebook. Our Members Only Club and the PCG Workspace. As all of our currently subscribed members are invited to join us in the PCG Workspace, I have changed the Members Only Club which includes past and present members to the PCG Community Group. You are welcome to use this group to share information and as a friendly place to find people to talk to. You may also post ONE item for sale each day. I will occasionally run Sales Events in the group where more posting will be allowed. I am trialling the group as a Buy & Sell format which will enable you to add listings but it makes it more complicated to write actual posts. I would welcome feedback about how you find this as I can always change it back. 
Please note that sales posts are still not allowed in the PCG Workspace.

Look out for Pop Up Christmas Fairs
Over the next few weeks I will be posting our new Pop Up Christmas Fair Graphics across Facebook and Instagram. When you see one you can jump into the comments and post links, images and prices to your wares. 

Open the first door of the PCG Advent Calendar next Wednesday!
This year I have brought back our popular Christmas Advent Calendar on our website. Each door will uncover promotions and links to our members. Which door will you be behind?
My very clever son has added some code so that the doors should only open after the correct days so there will be no jumping ahead and cheating this year. Haha! 
You can find the Advent Calendar here Advent Calendar (

Next Weeks Promotions

Every week we feature a selection of our Guild Members across our social media platforms and in our various groups. Find them on Facebook here and on Instagram here

Our Good Morning, Member of the Day posts will be:

Sat 27 November – Pitter Patter Tiny Feet Knitting Emporium
Sun 28 November –  Semi Precious Jens
Mon 29 November – Sheepy Creations
Tues 30 November – Silver Sensations
From 1st – 25th December we will be switching our Good Morning posts to the PCG Advent Calendar.

Our Daily Member Feature posts will be:-

(Please note that these are posted both on our Facebook Page/Instagram and in the PCG members club at different times of the day)

Sat 27 November – Maelotti
Sun 28 November – Alfie Moon Designs
Mon 29 November – Spratt’s Designs
Tues 30 November – T2Kreations
Wed 1 December – Blackberry Wedding Designs & Keepsakes
Thurs 2 December – Gert Lush Designs
Fri 3 December – Wrapped in Colour

From the 1st December we move to our gorgeous Festive Member Features.

Are you interested in becoming a member of our Guild. We have no monthly membership fees just one low annual amount of £35. Find out more here “This is my business,not a hobby!” Do you have to say this to people often? Join our Guild and help us to show people you are serious about being a Professional Crafter! (

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