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Do you have products in our Guild Shop?

Here we are again, on the run up to another Christmas in uncertain times. Do you think things will ever get back to normal? Can you even remember what normal is?

I am occupying myself by making plans for the New Year. As many of you know, I like to hit the ground running in January. I tend to find that I have lots of new ideas and launch new activities and initiatives. This year I appear to have started early!

I will be looking to switch up all of our promotions and marketing and have decided to heavily focus on the Guild Shop which I launched last January. I have already created dedicated pages for categories (which will increase as we get different products). 

All of our subscribed members are welcome to submit TWO products for our shop (if you create custom items perhaps a collage and price range?) In certain seasons there will be extra opportunity to submit further items. 
If you currently have items in the shop please can you check that the items are still available as having dead links isn’t helpful. 

Currently I need to add the products on your behalf so If you would like to me to add products for you please drop me an email with an image, price and link or you are welcome to just send me the links and I will collect the image and information when I get there. (

The shop will be a big focus in my new social media campaign so it is well worth getting your bits and bobs in there.