Congratulations to Long Term Members

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11 Years of the Professional Crafters Guild thanks to our wonderful members.

As we head into July the PCG the Guild will be 11 years old. I have recently been thinking about all of our fabulous members who have been with us for such a long time and I would like to celebrate their continued support with some special issue certificates and badges. The first two have just gone out and the remaining three this year will go out over the next few months. I will keep this up going forward so that when you reach 10 years with us you will have them. 

This years commemorative members are:
Erika Price Artisan Jewellery (Commemorative items emailed)
Noteworthy Cards (Commemorative items email)
Beadie Eyed Edie (arriving in November)
Marit Meredith Textile Artist (arriving in October)
Merlotti  (arriving in August)