[2] All The Fun Of The Craft Fair By Sarah Spratt

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The Professional Crafters Guild
The Professional Crafters Guild
[2] All The Fun Of The Craft Fair By Sarah Spratt

All the fun of the craft fair


Crafters often rely on the craft fair as a key source of income, but it can be daunting planning how to display stock for a craft fair. It can be easy to think just putting the crafting creations out on a table is enough, but in this day and age there is so much more competition, a crafter needs to attract a customer from a distance and draw them in and once there not to overwhelm them so that they can choose and buy.


In this episode Sarah discusses designing the craft stand for a craft fair, adding in a few of her own mistakes to help any crafter from avoiding them in the future.


Here’s what you will learn in this episode:

  • Taking inspiration from stands that have drawn you in.
  • Planning around your creations
  • Branding: letting people know who you are
  • Enhancing and not distracting from your creations
  • Thinking about what needs to not be seen as much as what is seen
  • Preparation, using time before the event to practice and get it right


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